Charlotte Bromley Davenport

Portrait of a family

I have been bursting with excitement to make a beautiful book using these photographs of the Lorriman family.  Each of the five children has very much their own way of being. Tenderness; self-containment; creativity; foibles and quirks: it is true to say that they are a photographer’s dream with soulful expressions oozing from every shot. 

I asked their mother, Mary-Maye, to tell me what she feels when she sees the photographs of her brood:

“As a mummy you can feel so taken up with the laser focus of parenting and looking after everybody, that seeing these photographs I found it incredible to see what we are making as a family.  They show us where we’ve got to. The fruit of our labour.  Wow, it’s not in vain; all the hard work, lack of sleep, peace brokering … I can look at these photos and see all our work has produced something.  I can’t believe that’s what we are doing! When I saw the family shot framed, I found it so affirming to see what I’ve been putting my energy towards.  It’s like looking in the mirror… you don’t know what you look like, and it was amazing to look and see.”