West Coast Landscapes – USA

A holiday drive down the west coast of America and pulling over every 5 minutes to shoot another glorious, wide open space.  My husband was so patient!

Prints for sale upon request:  cbd1.photography@gmail.com

Royal Trinity Hospice

My brief was to create a memory of this inspirational place, Royal Trinity Hospice, as a parting gift for the outgoing chairman from his staff.

Over a period of months I documented the hospice, its patients, staff and grounds.  The passage of time and seasons was a framework for witnessing this place whose tender care centres on the end of life.



Wild and natural childhood in County Meath, Ireland

Portrait of a family

Each of these five children has very much their own way of being. Tenderness; self-containment; creativity; foibles and quirks: it was deeply satisfying to photograph them and draw all the images into a beautiful coffee table book for the Lorriman family.

I asked their mother, Mary-Maye, to tell me what she feels when she sees the photographs of her brood:

“As a mummy you can feel so taken up with the laser focus of parenting and looking after everybody, that seeing these photographs I found it incredible to see what we are making as a family.  They show us where we’ve got to. The fruit of our labour.  Wow, it’s not in vain; all the hard work, lack of sleep, peace brokering … I can look at these photos and see all our work has produced something.  I can’t believe that’s what we are doing! When I saw the family shot framed, I found it so affirming to see what I’ve been putting my energy towards.  It’s like looking in the mirror… you don’t know what you look like, and it was amazing to look and see.”  

Welcome to somewhere else

The eccentric and beguilingly quirky Aynhoe Park was the location for Zeynep and Tarek’s intimate wedding.

This spectacular venue is not your regular private country estate and it provided the stage for a wedding photographer’s dream!

The welcoming committee at Aynhoe Park comprises of a polar bear to your right and a horse to your left. Think Alice in Wonderland meets Gormenghast and you might be starting to imagine the set! The 100 year old unicorn which resides in the library is a case in point.

Anyhoe writes that they specialise in ‘unique celebrations that combine creativity, wonder and the highest standards of service. Welcome to somewhere else’

Zeynep and Tarek chose Simon Liebel Designs Ltd as their wedding planner and event organisers.

I’ve worked more than once with make up artist, Charlotte Cowan, and she is very talented.  Hair was by Torri Harris; catering – Red Herring; flowers – Philippa Craddock and balloons – Bubblegum Balloons